The Importance of a Good Motel

Most of the time, I enjoy being out on the golf course. There’s just something nice about being surrounded by all that green grass, and having trees all around as well. The air smells cleaner, and most times, the sun doesn’t feel all that hot. Those are the good days, when you’re glad to be out, and you can feel it helping your game. Unfortunately, not all days start out all that great.

On some days, it will feel like nothing really is going right. Murphy’s law hits hard, and you feel like you’re digging yourself into a hole. This happens fairly often also, so it’s important to have a game plan for when this does happen. It’s important to be realistic and just accept that bad days will eventually arrive. It’s times like these when I’m really glad to be staying in a good motel or hotel. Most of the time, my response to bad days is to step away from the course for a while, and try to focus on something more pleasant.

So for example, if I was staying in the Bella Vista Kaikoura motel or some place similar, I would probably consider going back to my room first. I’d make sure that the temperature was nice and chilly, and I might take a power nap, just to recover some of my drained energy. If the place has a spa or some other relaxation facilities, I might try that also. A massage is good for forgetting a bad golf game. The relaxing music and scents help to push Murphy’s Law away, even just for a while. Or I could hit the gym and put in some treadmill work. Or I could just basically go for a jog.

The idea here is that I try to forget about the bad match and the uncomfortable play. I relax, and recharge. Then, once I’m back on an even keel, I’m ready to hit the greens again.